Ky’s hike at Hiiumaa

Yo, I’m planning a hike! I have had this Hiiumaa plan for a long time, it’s been a while since we hiked there. Andre and Alar will be “hosting” us!

As always in Estonia, “summer” started overnight and all ferries are pretty full. But since we need a car on the island, we have to book a ferry ticket anyway. Unfortunately the only option on Friday is a 22:00 ferry from Rohuküla (arriving at Heltermaa 23:15) and to get back, we need to take another late boat – 20:30 (arrives 21:45).

So, the ride from Tallinn is going to be fun – five people in the car. It’ll be 1hr 22 min drive. Start time between 19:00-20:00. I will pick everyone up. I have bougth all ferry tickets already!

I will take care of the meals. Feel free to bring some personal snacks or favourite drinks (everyone takes care of their own booze).

Right now the weather prognosis is nice for hiking, but chilly by normal standards – quite clowdy, 11-13 degrees during day, 6-7 at night. That is warmth, I’m talking about! :D

Participants: Ky, Ivan, Andre, Aleks, Aman, VJ


We have super nice hike planned (see red lines). For many reasons (I can explain later) we take two different routes and drive by car on Saturday evening to new location, where we stay for the night and continue on Sunday. First trip on Saturday will be on Tahkuna peninsula (the upper one), second on Sunday is on Kõpu peninsula.


As we arrive so late on Friday, we drive straight to the camping site – Tõrvanina telkimisala, where we stay under common tarp.

We basically have almost 20 km on Saturday till Kauste beach (the green dot on the left side), and we skip these extra 5+ km at the end that u can see on the map. Then we make a little car trip to Kalurikoja metsaonn (or if the hut is taken, we will stay outdoors under tarp again)


On Sunday we have about 12,5 km, then we end up at Luidja telkimisala. Then Ivan needs to leave at some point to airport, as he needs to back in Tallinn earlier. We have to somehow spend time until 20:30, when our ferry leaves. We can then decide exactly, how to spend that time.

All routes are quite fresh and newly made by Andre and Alar, so it will be exciting!

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